Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Um, a picture of some lettuce

Yeah, that's what I've got for you. A picture of some lettuce. I haven't been sewing. I've just started to get back to cooking (pizza! pancakes! both in one weekend! it's a miracle!). But gardening, that I've been doing.

lettuce from the garden

We've been eating plenty of salad from the garden. It's just so cool to be able to walk out into the yard and come back with food for dinner. And the lettuce is so good! It's so tender! Love! As I was sitting in the dirt a few days ago, planting radish seeds where I'd already harvested radishes, I was really struck by how amazing it is that I can put a tiny little pellet in the dirt one day and it turns into food. It's really quite magical.


Anonymous said...

Kind of like growing a kid??? 'cept not QUITE as cool. Though lettuce does not cry when you pick it, and you get to eat it, so it has that going for it, I suppose.

C.E.R. said...

The magic of a garden is amazing to me too. Sometimes I feel as if I can see things growing second by second if a look really really close. :)