Friday, July 15, 2011

A couple of food things

Tried making these veggie burgers a couple of nights ago. They were not really a success. I thought they tasted ok, not great, but they fell apart all over the place and did not hold their patty shape at all. Adam: "What is in these that's different from your other veggie burgers?" Me: "Beets." Adam: "Oh. [pause] I don't think I like beets." It was a bummer because when we were in Columbus last fall, I tried the inspiration burger at Northstar Cafe and really, really liked it.

veggie burger

In a fit of...something, I also tried cooking up the beet greens (you can see them lurking behind the burger there). Again, not a raging success.

In better news: carrots from the garden! Woohoo! I did not thin them very well, so these two grew so close to each other that I couldn't pull one up alone because they were entwined. Like little carrots in love. So cute!

carrots in love

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annette said...

Many years ago I had a beet burger at a restaurant that was absolutely heavenly. I do remember there being some black beans in there too, and they had this creamy sauce/dressing on it. Anyway, if I can find this recipe somewhere online, I'll send it along.