Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner last night (with terrible photos)

Sloppy (lentil) joes.

dinner last night

Potatoes and cabbage in the crockpot.

dinner last night

The best brownies ever.

dinner last night

The sloppy joe recipe is for the crockpot too, but I used the stovetop variation. Also, last night was actually sloppy joe leftovers, because that recipe makes a lot. (And I forgot to take an on-the-bun picture every darn time we ate them. Drats.) I think it makes about 10 sloppy joes. That's a lot of sloppy joes for two people. I'm starting to feel weird about the phrase "sloppy joes" because I've typed it too many times. Adam had the genius idea of adding ground cumin to these before reheating them on night two. Much improved. Not that they were bad before, because they weren't. But they were definitely more yummy with cumin. Also, I left out the bell pepper.

The potatoes and cabbage were decent. I'd make the dish again. But next time I'd remember to put the garlic in at the beginning instead of saying "Oops!" a half hour before dinner and rushing to saute some garlic on the stovetop and throw it into the crockpot several hours too late.

And the brownies. Oh, the brownies. Have I told you about these brownies before? (Aha! A search of my archives reveals that I have not! The KH brownies were very good, but these are, I think, even better and easier. ) They are so good and fudgey. The first time I made them we only let them cool for an hour and they were tasty but way too gooey and fall-apart. This time I baked them 30 minutes (which is an extra five) and let them cool for four hours before cutting. Still tasty, but also structurally sound!

Also: I have the cutest little kitchen supervisor ever.

my little supervisor

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