Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun on the Internets!

Thing 1: I am on Pinterest now. Check it out, yo'. Or don't. That's cool too. I am really liking the ability to "pin" things from anywhere on the web and keep it semi-organized. I used to just star or tag a ton of stuff in my feed reader, but it was really hard to find saved stuff and only worked for stuff on blogs to which I subscribe. Or I'd add things from a million shopping sites to my Amazon wishlist, but, again, hard to find saved stuff and only worked for a limited type of thing. Enter Pinterest! Where I can basically dump the complete contents of the web into groups of things I like! Magic! Magic, I tell you!

Thing 2: I am also on Polyvore. Right here. Kind of fun, but I find it less useful/inspiring/awesome than Pinterest. So there's that.

Thing 3: I have been living under a rock, apparently, and have just now come across My Drunk Kitchen. I find it very entertaining. Yes, I do.

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annette said...

Back from computer grounding and router/modem problems.
Funny, I had signed up for Pinterest a few weeks ago but have yet to activate. I love what you have pinned up! So many great things (the cream and black striped baby sweater is incredible)! The place looks like complete fun. Once we are out of grounding over here, I am planning on spending some time there, for sure.