Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dressing up the table

I am not really a tablecloth person. I like the gleaming expanse of wood that is an unadorned table. Maybe a little something in the center, a branch or a flower in a little vase or bottle. But covering up the table with a whole tablecloth always seemed like a waste of a perfectly nice tabletop to me.

dressing up the table

That said, I made a tablecloth. Because sometimes the table just needs a little protection, and making one tablecloth seemed a whole lot easier than making several placemats. And it was! This could not have been easier. One piece of fabric (a lovely home dec print from The Needle Shop), two hems, the end. Yeah, that's right, only two hems (one at each short end), because I left the selvedge alone, with it's pretty little frayed-but-not-fraying edges.

dressing up the table

It's a project that's been on the list for months. The fabric has been sitting on a shelf guilt-tripping me since the spring. So hooray for small victories, however untimely!


annette said...

Really pretty print! Ha, it always seems like the projects that get the most delay are actually the ones that are the easiest to finish.

horse care courses said...

Well the fabric might have been sitting on the shelf since Spring but now it looks wonderful sitting on the table!