Sunday, January 29, 2012

A green jumper

I really want to make Adelaide lots and lots of cute clothes. There are a couple of reasons, one being that I have intense dislike for a lot of the baby clothes in stores. The other reason being that I have just always wanted to be "that kind of mom."

So far, Adelaide's been around for about eight months and I've sewn her about four articles of clothing. Not quite what I was going for. But just before Christmas (like, the day before), I got a bee in my bonnet about sewing Adelaide a corduroy jumper to wear for celebrating with the extended family. Of course, I don't have a pattern for a jumper, but I decided to go for it anyway. How hard could it be?

a green jumper

Well, I used a onesie for the general size/shape and drew up a simple little pattern. Luckily, I had (and have) some corduroy on hand, bought months ago with baby outfitting in mind. I cut and sewed like a crazy person. I stitched the buttons on just before bed on Christmas Eve. It really wasn't that hard.

a green jumper

It also didn't really fit. It's too long, but that's not so bad. The real issue is that the bodice is too fitted. I didn't make any allowance for pulling it on over her giant cloth-diapered butt, and getting it over her head is not even an option, so she can only wear it when she's in a disposable, which is pretty much only when we're going to be out of town for two days or more. Whoops.

So Adelaide wore it once, and she'll probably never wear it again. But, on the other hand, I sewed her a Christmas jumper! Victory?

a green jumper


annette said...

Victory, YES!
The jumper is adorable! I love corduroy for baby/children's clothes, it always looks great and is pretty indestructible. When Ari was small I made several overall/shorts with snap tabs at the shoulder which he wore until they were too small - I felt very smug that I hadn't spent a small fortune and they were made of my favorite fabrics.

Sarah said...

Annette, overalls are definitely on my corduroy-clothes-to-make list! Nothing is cuter than a baby in overalls. :)