Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hoosier Pie

I really didn't post about this back around Thanksgiving? Really? I didn't mention the recipe that turned Adam around on the concept of pecan pie?

Because it is pretty darn good.

Hoosier Pie

Now, I like pecan pie. I prefer a Thanksgiving offering that includes both a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie so I can enjoy some of each. This year, we hosted Thanksgiving (for the first time! and we all survived!). I delegated pumpkin pie to my mom, but I knew I wanted to try the Hoosier Pie recipe from A Homemade Life. I read it a few months ago and made a note of the Hoosier Pie recipe.

See, Adam has said for years now that he doesn't like pecan pie. Fair enough, I guess. Well, no. Not fair. I couldn't just let that be. I needed to make him like pecan pie. (Healthy, I know.) And Hoosier Pie was going to be my secret weapon. Sure, it is a pecan pie. But it has chocolate! And liquor! And it is Hoosier Pie. This may not be a selling point for everyone, but Adam is from an Indiana family and is a lover of Hoosier basketball, so for me, this was like a little gift from the baking gods. Because with a name like that, he had to at least try it.

And he did try it. And he liked it. Ha! Winning!

Hoosier Pie

The big pie went pretty quickly, too quickly to get photos, but I used some extra pie crust to make some mini pies a few days later. Rest assured, it was just as tasty in mini form.

(This recipe looks like the one.)

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