Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sewing from December: felt food!

Adelaide received a play kitchen for Christmas this year, so, of course, I needed to make some felt food! I made a few things, but the farfalle turned out the best, I think.

Felt food

Just cut a few rectangles, trim the short edges with pinking shears, and scrunch and hand-sew the centers.  The little colander is something I picked up from World Market for $2 because I was there buying candy for our stockings and thought the pop of blue would be just so darn cute.

Felt food

And, because our girl loves her cookies, I made some chocolate chip cookies. And yes, she did try to stick one in her mouth at first, before we had sufficiently gone over the "this is PRETEND food" concept. I didn't stuff them at all, so they're just flat, which I think works.

I also made some fried eggs, but for some reason I don't have any photos of those. Maybe someday.

I consider the farfalle, the cookies, and the eggs my victories. Easy, but also pretty good looking. On the other hand: I also tried a doughnut. There were going to be multiple doughnuts, but I wasn't happy with the effort to results ratio on the first one, so I quit.

Felt food

The felt food  and the play kitchen are getting a lot of use so far (and even some good, lengthy independent play! pinch me!), so yay!

Felt food


Kat said...

Very cute! The past is such a good idea. I can't wait till Imogen is old enough for a play kitchen.

C.E.R. said...

My play kitchen was one of my very fav toys for a very long time. That pasta is so stinkin' cute! Excellent job!

annette said...

The play kitchen! More pictures when you get the chance I am dying to see it.

The felt food is brilliant - especially the farfalle! It looks so real in the blue colander you had me faked out there for a minute.

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys! I'm usually not much of a hand-sewer, but it was nice to settle in and stitch some felt food while watching Christmas movies!

Meryl said...

I want that colander for my real kitchen! This is all so great--how creative of you!