Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traveling Bag Tutorial

(Not really) funny story: I made this tutorial for my sister to use sometime, oh, two years ago. Partly because she asked and I'm awesome like that; partly because I figured that after she tested it out, I could share the tutorial on the blog. But I guess I forgot to go ahead with that last part. Whoops.

Libby's bag

I whipped up the first Traveling Bag before our trip to Portland and Seattle a few years ago. I wanted something basic and tough, small enough to pass as a purse, but big enough to hold maps and a travel book. I think it's perfect for that. It's since been on several trips and conveniently fits all my notes and jotted-down plans (and snacks, because I always take snacks) without looking "touristy." In fact, it is so perfect for me that I use it as my everyday purse as well.

traveling bag interior

I even made a slightly modified one for my other sister one Christmas.

Anyway, time to finally share it with the rest of you! I've put the whole tutorial together in the pdf linked below, two instruction pages and two illustration pages.

Traveling Bag Tutorial PDF!

I hope you like it! And if there are any issues/questions, please let me know!


Shannon said...

I love the brightly colored lining... that would make me happy every time I had to open the bag. Also, a bag that passes as a purse, but holds everything you need when you're traveling? Perfect. :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

annette said...

Sarah, your pattern is beautiful, so simple & clean with an opportunity to give a little jolt of surprise with the choice of lining, I love it!

Meryl said...

I love the relatively tame outside with the sassy lining--just perfect!