Thursday, December 26, 2013

The sweater

You may remember that I started a sweater back in June. A sweater for the impending arrival. Well, the arrival is now four months old, and I finished the sweater on Christmas eve.

And not a moment too soon. Quinn is a big boy. Thank goodness Adam convinced me to go with the 3-6-month size all those months ago, because that means he might be able to wear this thing for about three days.

As you can see, the sleeves and width are temporarily okay, but the body is sooooo short. Would definitely add length next time.

So not a total success (and I won't even get into the messily stitched spots), but, hey, I made a sweater! Yay!

On Ravelry here.


annette said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sarah!
I love the sweater, the band around the button front and the waist and sleeves are perfect and Quinn looks adorable in it!

Meryl said...

Oh, and it's perfect for that little elf! How festive!

Sarah said...

Thank you! Of course, I count on my photogenic littles to make all my homemade wares look good. ;)