Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KCW Project 2: Space Ranger Bimaa Hoodie

kid's clothes week
Hey! I'm finally wrapping up my Kids Clothes Week posts! Go me!

There's something I neglected to mention about Adelaide in my last post: Toy Story 2.

She is freaking gonzo for that movie. As in, she is constantly pretending to be Woody or Buzz or Jessie (but usually Buzz these days) and assigning everyone else around her roles as well. (Poor Quinn is often relegated to the role of Mister Potato Head, but such is the plight of a little brother, I suppose.)

So I had the idea to make her a space ranger hoodie, and I immediately knew that I wanted to go with the Bimaa pattern by Lou Bee Clothing. I found some awesome quick-dry jersey at JoAnn Fabrics for the blue, green, and purple. The white is just the stretchiest white jersey the store had, but it's not as great as the quick-dry stuff.

The shirt sewed up pretty quickly, and I'm very happy with it, though the 3T fits a little long on my smallish almost-three-year-old. I didn't do the suggested edge stitching around the face opening, but I think I might go back and do it, because it's looking pretty floppy. On the other hand, Adelaide doesn't mind it, so maybe I won't bother.

I drew and cut a freezer paper stencil for the control panel on the front. Rather than paint all the buttons on, I decided to sew on a few real buttons, which I think worked out well. Plus it's an extra selling point for Miss Picky. A hood, buttons, AND a space ranger theme is pretty much hitting up her whole want list. All that's missing is a set of pockets and a matching shirt for her brother -- then this would be the holy grail.

I'm happy to report that Adelaide loves it! It's probably my biggest sewing win for her so far. She's wearing it right now, even. Hooray!

Yet, despite the fact that she loves wearing it, the photo shoot was nutso. She was happy enough to stand in front of the camera in exchange for some fudge, but not without some pretty intense hamming. I took about 100 photos, and the ones above are pretty much the only ones in which she played it straight. Mostly, it was like the photos below: crazy cakes. But, I must admit, they're pretty awesome. Maybe she knew exactly what she was doing.


Sarah @ EmmylouBeeDoo said...

Ohhhh my GOSH! I cannot show this to my daughter, lol. She'll want the whole cast and crew! LOVE it!

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks! The totally awesome pattern helps! ;)

Meryl Carver-Allmond said...

This is so awesome! So wish I could sew knits like that. She looks so cool!