Monday, June 9, 2014

Q is for Quinn

I've actually been sewing up a storm lately, not that I've managed to post about it for my millions of adoring fans handful of occasional readers. Sometimes there's only time for the sewing OR the blogging, and the sewing is going to win about 87% of the time (highly scientific/mathematical reasoning behind that number, by the way). This is why I love Instagram so much: fast and easy sharing of the things. (I'm @DilettanteSarah. Say hello!)

I've got some backlogged projects is what I'm saying, and I have already taken pictures of some of them even. So let's get rolling. Today I bring you a throw pillow for the rocking chair in Quinn's room. I made this way back in March, back when my baby still occasionally let me rock him before bed, back when he was only at a 10 on the squirmy wormy ball of energy scale. Now he has turned the dial up to 11 and the chair goes untouched. But hey, at least it's got a pillow on it, am I right?

I hand drew the Q, and I'm quite pleased with it. My appliqueing skills are not stellar, but I tried to really take my time and I think it turned out okay. My decision to use some leftover baby-wale corduroy with a bit of stretch, on the other had, turned out less okay. At least, that's what I'm blaming for the rather ill-fitting nature of the cover. Although, now that I think of it, the pillow cover I made for Adelaide's room back in the day didn't fit that well or snugly either, so maybe I just have problems.

Anyway: Pillow cover! Sewn! Photographed! And bloggily delivered to you with love!

I hope to be back very soon with some summer pajamas for Adelaide (already have photographs, so that should be easy enough one would think) and a blouse for myself (that I have already worn out into the world twice but have not yet photographed*).

*This may very well be the first time since I started blogging that I've gone about wearing something (or, heaven forbid, allowed the children to wear something) before photographing it. I mean, I am a mess. I just cannot be trusted to wear something without ruining it. BUT. I actually need some new summery shirts and it takes me ages to get photographs of myself wearing anything. Because it is the worst. Adam is a good sport and will happily snap away any time, any place, so I've got that going for me. But the rest of the process is me scrambling to find some clean pants that aren't ill-fitting and that at least kind of go with the top I made, me trying to decide whether my unwashed hair is too unwashed, children sitting at our feet (best-case scenario) fussing about the lack of attention they are getting for FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES OH MY GOD THE HORROR, and the supreme awkwardness of feeling like the neighbors are watching the whole thing and wondering what the hell I am doing with my life. So, yeah, I kind of procrastinate the photo shoot a bit.

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