Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am in love...

...with this pattern (Vogue 1044). Not that I have actually made it or anything. Not that I even own it. But I am in love with it. I want that dress.

But when the Vogue patterns are on sale at the local Jo Ann's, which is the only time I look at the Vogue patterns, it is never there. Sigh. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for next time.

So I've been consoling myself with the purchase of a couple other dress patterns. It is probably for the best, as those other patterns look easier and my skills still leave quite a bit to be desired. So I'm gearing up for one of those dresses next. But I'm a bit scared. I mean, a dress is a whole lot of fabric and sewing and details and...and...and...

But as soon as I'm done hyperventilating I'm going to do it!

It's been a bit busy these last couple weeks, which is sort of the reason for this nothing-new-by-me-to-show-you post. And I'm out of town again this weekend, so there's nothing homemade coming then either. Yikes!

So for now you will just have to drool with me over this pattern that I love.

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