Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something old...

I've been thinking a lot lately about repurposing old clothes and such. I have a whole plastic bin full of old clothes that I saved for the fabric, but I find that I rarely delve into it. I need to work on that!

Speaking of repurposing old clothes...this little bag was made from an old (too small) linen skirt.

lingerie bag

Perhaps I should have done some ironing before taking this photo!

It was my first as-a-grown-person sewing project. I'd done some sewing, mostly by hand, as a kid, but this was the first thing I made on the machine my parents gave me for my 25th birthday. The hem of the skirt was already finished with a decorative stitch, so I used that as the bag top to save a step. A couple rectangles of fabric, some straight lines, a few very big button holes, and a little embroidery (also a first for me). Nothing too difficult, but I was pretty proud of it anyway.

And it turned out to be quite useful in my effort to stop throwing my delicates in with the regular laundry, where they would find themselves all messed up by being accidently washed and dried on the regular cycles.

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