Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, I've accomplished something

First up: proof that I've finally started to work on that darn dress I've been talking about. This morning I traced all the pattern pieces in my size, which is more time consuming--and more of a pain in the butt--than one might think. Now I've just got to cut the pieces, cut the fabric, and sew the whole thing together. I'm never going to finish this.

starting a new project

Second up: a reusable alternative to cottonballs.

reusable facial wipes

I've been using cottonballs as part of my daily face-care routine (to swipe some toner-like stuff over it in the mornings), but I feel bad about generating all that extra garbage. So I've been thinking about making something like these for a while now. Then I saw this a couple days ago, and it sealed the deal.

reusable facial wipes

I took some cotton flannel and cut some 8-inch-by-2-inch strips. Then I folded them in half and in half again, and I zig-zagged around the three unfinished edges. So now I can use them once and throw them in the laundry with the bath towels instead of in the trash. Yay!

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