Monday, September 21, 2009


I finished my summer dress ... just in time for fall.

shirt dress

It is Simplicity New Look 6587, and it could stand to be a size smaller. It is pretty baggy in the bodice, and I was definitely hoping for something more fitted. But I'm hoping it will continue to shrink a little with washing. It's all cotton (seersucker) and I only gave it one wash/dry before cutting, so it will probably shrink at least a little bit more. Or maybe I'll just tack the waist in a little bit.

It wasn't too difficult, but it was time consuming. Or maybe that was just because I kept procrastinating. One thing: the skirt was way too long. I hemmed it up more than I was supposed to, and I still think it should be a little shorter.

shirt dress

(And isn't that half-dead tomato plant behind me lovely? It is half-dead because some mystery person moved it the other day and partially uprooted it in the process. Thanks a lot.)


Rachel said...

I like it! But I think you should BELT it.

Sarah said...

Yeah, there is even a pattern for a belt/sash thing with this (meant to go with one of the other dress versions). I guess that would be the easiest way to deal with the fact that the waist is a bit too big!