Friday, October 23, 2009

In which I swoon over nonfancy cookware

I am into cast iron right now.

Well, I have been into it for a while, but I am extra into it now.

Skillet-wise, I am already a cast iron devotee. I don't have skillets of any other type. But I was clicking around online the other day and saw cast iron loaf pans! And pie plates! And muffin pans! How did I not know these exist? Dissatisfaction with my current loaf pans coupled with my love of old-timey goodness has me wanting one of these loaf pans. To start with. Then I want the aforementioned pie plates and muffin pans too, of course.

Silicone pans are all floppy and annoying. I thought I would love them, but I do not. Nonstick metal pans are coated with stuff I'd probably rather not have touching my food. With ceramic and glass, I worry about chipping. One of my Pyrex pie plates chipped just sitting in the cupboard after only a few months, which was a total bummer. Cast iron is sturdy enough to withstand my klutziness. And it gets to be pretty nonstick with proper care. And it is not coated in crazy chemicals.

And did I mention the old-timey goodness?

I hope this post publishes itself properly. I'm in a car on my way downstate right now (Friday night). Or at least, that's where I hope I am! I wrote this post yesterday (Thursday) and I set the scheduled autopost thing (ooh, fancy! like magic!), so I just hope I did it right. Otherwise you will have to wail and rend your garments over the lack of timely posting, something for which I would be deeply sorry.

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