Friday, October 16, 2009


I have been feeling exhausted all week. I think it's the weather. But I did manage to bake some cookies.

sugar cookies

There was a baby shower at work yesterday, and I made my favorite chocolate cookies and some sugar cookies for the occasion. And that is the only making I really did this week. I hope to do some sewing this weekend. So maybe I'll have something to show for myself soon!

As a side note: One of my co-workers, who is an awesome baker, brought in some really good cupcakes (chocolate) topped with the best frosting of all time (also chocolate). They were so good I ate two. If it had not been a work gathering, I might have eaten five or six. (And that is not hyperbole. I am serious when it comes to dessert eating.) And now I want to make chocolate cupcakes with that dreamy chocolate frosting. But I won't. Because a whole batch of cupcakes can be dangerous in a household of two. So I'll have to wait for a get-together.

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