Monday, November 9, 2009

Hits and misses

I spent much of this weekend swearing over the shirt I'm making Adam. The collar, dear lord, the collar. It did not go well. (Collars and I do not seem to get along well.) But this particular issue is unfixable, so I am letting go and moving on! I just hope the rest of this thing goes more smoothly.

lovely weather

Other than my sewing-related breakdown on Saturday, it was a very nice weekend. The weather was amazing! Sunny and warm and lovely!

homemade bread

All kitchen exploits went swimmingly. I baked bread again. It had been far too long.

lots of beans cooking

Lots of cooking of beans, some for chili this weekend and some to freeze for later.

the beginnings of applesauce

Plus I made applesauce!

Overall, very successful.

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