Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had a heck of a time trying to photograph these. Our apartment gets very little natural light, especially in the winter, especially during hours when I am not at the office. Sigh.

But, moving on ... Cards!

2009.12.17--Christmas cards-1.2

I decided to make our Christmas cards for the first time.

2009.12.17--Christmas cards-1.3

I drew up a little design, cut it out of some Christmasy fabric, and used spray adhesive to attach it to the cards. Then I used my handy-dandy alphabet stamps to print the message inside. It ended up being more time consuming than I had estimated.  And that adhesive has a wider spray radius than you might think. I'm pretty sure the odd grainy texture I recently noticed on the face of my mobile phone is a result of some adhesive overspray. Oops. But I declare it an overall success!

2009.12.17--Christmas cards-1.4

And! I have coordinating envelopes and labels! Woohoo!

Christmas cards

All the paper products (cards, envelopes, labels) are from Paper-Source. I love that place. All the sizes! All the colors! I was there for nearly an hour just picking out my four stinkin' items. The fabric is, I don't know, something from JoAnn.

In other holiday news, I'm still working on Christmas gifts. Should I be worried that I am not yet 50% finished with the making I hope to accomplish and have only one week in which to finish? Ah, well, soldier on.


Elizabeth said...

we received one of your cards and indeed it is very nice! Thank you so much for taking the time! I'm sorry that I probably won't get anything off this year once again! Please love me anyway!

Sarah said...

I'll make you a deal: Make some of your caramels for when I'm home for Christmas and I'll forget about the lack of a card. ;)

Kristena said...

These are so cute!!! So you just used an adhesive spray? I never would have thought of that.