Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well, look at that! I made something!

After the failures of last week, I really needed an instant gratification project, and the hot pads in Handmade Home fit the bill perfectly. Millie's Hot Pads were quick and easy and turned out so well. They made me very happy.

hot pads

I did not handstitch the binding, though. Because that seemed like a lot of work. I used the machine, which was, of course, not as pretty and perfect as the handstitched binding would have been, but it turned out nice enough, I think. Next time I might add a third layer of batting for extra protection, too.

hot pads (front and back)

Also: Hello sewing maching foot pressure dial! Thank you for your assistance! This falls into the category of Things That Are Completely Obvious Yet Had Not Occured To Me. For some reason, the foot pressure dial on my sewing machine was not on my radar until yesterday. I had never touched it. And I had oft cursed the pulling and bunching going on when sewing through several layers or with thicker fabrics. Duh. As one might suspect, a simple adjustment of the foot pressure made sewing through the multiple layers of hot pad go much more smoothly. Wish I'd figured that out earlier.

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Anonymous said...

This is an old post, but these are SO cute! The colors are perfect.