Thursday, February 4, 2010

Other people's stuff.

Oh, work, what is your deal? Don't you understand that I need time to peruse blogs and hunt down recipes and dream up projects? Which is to say that I've been busy.

So here's what I've got for you: other people's stuff on Flickr! Yay!

(Cool mosaic-making tool from here, found through Thimbly Things.)


1. 30s Dress, 2. H C V Hansen Farm House mid 1940s--img349, 3. Pale blue mini dress, 4. Pillow, 5. Life is Good. Enjoy the Little Things., 6. The a Mano / Dean wood type collection, 7. Miso Soup, 8. update: art collection, 9. update: heath ceramics platter, 10. my first dress pattern., 11. My Kokeshi-Inspired doll , 12. A Pouch for Bandages..., 13. tomato basket on the stove, 14. knitted water bottle cover, 15. Candlelit igloo, 16. Cream Cheese and Apple Crumble, 17. cranberry Jasper handbag, 18. something special, 19. The Ox Cart Man, 20. navy and heathered gray snowflake mittens , 21. polka dot big buttons' dress 3, 22. martha stewart : tiramisu cupcakes, 23. Buttons & Doilies, 24. REE_5906_1426, 25. new year garland

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great combination - the #6 wood thing really caught my attention. But so does the rest of it! Very visually pleasing.