Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have been...

too, too busy on the weekends and too, too tired/lazy on the weeknights to do much of anything creative lately.

loving the relatively warm weather (in the 50s!) but cursing the rain and humidity.

knitting furiously in hopes that I can finish this scarf thing (still on my first project) while there's still an opportunity to wear it this season. Thank goodness it is getting easier with each row!

thinking a lot about--but accomplishing nothing in the area of--sewing up some spring-ish clothes for myself.

saving my lunch money for the just-came-out-today eMailorder #11, because making magic potions is supercool.

eating Girl Scout Cookies like my life depends on it, especially Caramel Delights (or Samoas as they are sometimes called). Speaking of which, I need to try this recipe pronto.

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