Thursday, April 29, 2010

The shirt and I both survived.

The spring/summer shirt is now totally finished. Thank goodness. Because I am so ready to move on.

And I even made it in time to enter Made By Rae's Spring Top Week. Score. You should look through the flickr pool, because there is lots of great stuff from lots of great people.

stripey shirt
stripey shirt
Stripey shirt by Sarah

The shirt's vital stats: seersucker, modified from the basic shirt pattern in Sew U, took forever, tried to kill me.


Anonymous said...

Super cute! And the stripes are great for the figure! I LOVE it.

annette said...

I love how you turned the fabric for the neckline & sleeve band in the opposite direction. The fabric is really cute with this shirt style. The sewing adventuring is always worth it in the end even when it seems the sewing room has become a dark and frustrating place, very interesting discoveries and accidents always await.

Sarah said...

Thanks! Yeah, after I cut the neckline to deep (WAY too deep), the turned fabric neckline was the only solution I could come up with. I hadn't been planning on doing the sleeve bands, but I figured it would make it look more intentional!

Andrea @ said...

I love it. The fabric is so cute and I like the style!

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