Monday, August 2, 2010

Happiness is a freshly painted wall

We painted our walls! We have walls! That we are allowed to paint! And we painted them! I cannot get over it.

Adam and I are newbie painters, so my mom and sister came up for a weekend paint-a-thon, and I'm pretty sure I will have to rope them into doing so for all our future painting projects. (If you are reading this, you guys, I will resort to bribery or kidnapping if necessary.) It really went so, so smoothly.

the new paint job

So now the living and dining rooms are a lovely, peaceful shade of green, and I am very happy.

We used Benjamin Moore's no-VOCs Natura paint. So far, so good. The smell was minimal (like you only really smell it when it is fresh and wet and you are right next to it) and it went on very nicely. So, as long as it holds up reasonably well, I'll be a very happy camper.

Now I just need to sew some curtains and a fitted slipcover for the couch. Yikes.


Gracie said...

I look forward to seeing a fitted slipcover tutorial -- I tried reupholstering an oddly shaped chair in the last year, and even though it went better than expected, I got so fed up with it halfway through that the whole chair wound up in the burn pile because I was sick of looking at it in its half-finished state! I'll definitely be watching for updates on your couch in the future! Thanks for the ultra-fun blog.

Anonymous said...

which color is this? it's beautiful.

Sarah said...

Thank you! It's Benjamin Moore's "dill weed" (#481).