Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello again!

And Happy New Year!

Oh, how I love the holidays. It always seems too early to take down the tree, put the received gifts away in proper places rather than keeping them piled around the living room, and eat the last of the cookies and candy.

gingerbread people

Speaking of cookies...I made some. This year I went with the M&M cookies I posted about here, my standard sugar cookies, Oreo truffles, pecan balls (Mexican wedding cookies or whatever you want to call them), and gingerbread people. It's a bummer (for you and the blogging, not for me and the baking/eating--it's awesome for me and the baking/eating) that so many of the cookie recipes I use these days are from The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book because I can rarely find them online and the ATK website is paid-subscription. The book is great, though. Highly recommended.

The pecan balls and the gingerbread people are both from the book. I love the pecan balls and make them almost every year. I could only find the pay version online, though. The gingerbread people are another story. I managed to find the recipe here. They're ok. I mean, they're good for gingerbread people. Softer and tastier than the usual. But gingerbread people are just not my faves. Fun to make and decorate, yes, but always the last cookies left hanging around after the holidays. I have some leftover icing in the fridge, though, so I think I'll just pile the remaining gingerbread villagers high with icing, which will make them 100% more enticing (to me anyway). So I've got that going for me!

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