Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Checking things off the list

Extra cover for the Boppy? Check.

Because I'd imagine the covers need to get washed from time to time.

Apologies for the cruddy pictures. It is so freakin' hard to get decent light in the winter, especially if I don't get the photos taken on the weekend. Blech. Anyway...

extra cover for the Boppy

I used some fleece for this, because it offers a bit of stretch to compensate for the very inexact pattern I drafted (super inexact it would seem, what with all the bumps and puckers once on the pillow, but it'll work) and because I had some leftover from the tree skirt.

I pretty much just traced the cover that came with the Boppy, but I didn't want to mess with a zipper, so I did an envelope kind of thing for the opening.

extra cover for the Boppy

While I'd like to say that the white trim around the opening was a design choice, it is actually a practical measure to make up for the fact that I forgot to give enough overlap to the two pieces when I drafted and cut. Whoops. I think it works ok like this, though. (But, seriously, I cannot remember anything these days. I live in a slight fog. It is nuts.)


annette said...

I was in a fog too the last two months - it was pretty irritating at times! I like the boppy cover, the color is perfect, it seems perfectly silly to buy one when it is so much easier to sew one up.

Sarah said...

I know! Super easy to sew, as long as one isn't going to be a perfectionist about the fit. Even easier if you're using a fabric with some stretch!