Saturday, October 8, 2011

How do you like them, uh, potatoes?

Remember how I decided to plant potatoes in a sack this year? No? See the beginning here. And the end here:

the potatoes

the potatoes

We harvested the potatoes a couple weekends ago, and the results were somewhat mixed. On the one hand, the potatoes look good! On the other hand, there were precious few of them. That photo is the entire potato harvest, my friends. Judging by where the potatoes were in the potato bag, it looks like only one, maybe two, of the five seed potato chunks actually made potatoes despite the fact that all five appeared to produce healthy greenery. Hmmm. So, factor in seed potatoes, a couple bags of dirt/compost, landscape fabric, thread, and my time, and you have possibly the most expensive potatoes ever.

But it was a fun experiment. And we'll probably do it again next year. After all, I do still have most of a roll of that landscape fabric.

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