Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Adelaide's first birthday is coming up in about a month, which, of course, means it's almost party time!

First up: invitations. I am very picky...well, sort of. I am picky in the way that means I couldn't find any invitations to buy that were just right. But apparently my level of pickiness allows me to make my own invitations using permanent markers. Because nothing says perfection like Sharpie scrawl.


These were inspired by this "sixlet skirt" post on Wee Wonderfuls. I went to the art supply store with the intention of buying blank cards and some colorful stamp pads for pencil-eraser polka dotted invitations. Well, I didn't see any good stamp pads, but I did see a huge display of colorful Sharpies. How hard could it be to just draw some dots?


Not very, it turns out.


So that's good.

Added bonus: I can make Sharpie-drawn invitations on my lunch break at work. Hooray! indeed.


Diane said...

Adorable and so much better then store bought as I'm sure you made them with Love!

annette said...

Polka perfect dotted invites, they are just right! I noticed the sixlets skirt and it put a bee in my bonnet concerning dots too.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Diane and Annette, for validating my marker-drawn cards! :) They were fun and easy to make, which is always the best combo.