Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Day 1: Prep and slog

As I mentioned before, I have plans. There is a list. There are fabric piles. There are tutorials on Pinterest. But I am not a speedy tracer/cutter/sewer. And when I am speedy, it usually ends in seam-ripping/tears.

Which is to say, that I do not have any finished things to show today. And will be lucky if I manage to finish two things for Adelaide this week, let alone a thing a day. Which can be a little discouraging while looking at all the awesome things being posted already. But that is not the what this week is supposed to be about, is it? Little by little, I'll get some things done. So, patience! (I am trying to take Meg's words today to heart, can you tell?)

So far, I've traced and cut for a pair of pajamas and hashed out a finalized plan for a cute (I hope) flannel shirt. Tonight: the sewing of the pajamas. Will I finish? Who knows! Sewing with knits is not my forte, but I keep trying. Wish me luck!

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