Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC Day 2: Sigh

Yeah, so let's just start with the basics: last night's sewing time went, uh, poorly.

Nothing went terribly awry or anything, but I spent the first half hour wrestling with my machine (something I'll get into in more detail later, maybe). Then I spent the second half hour being not quite happy with how things were going, sighing loudly, and doing irritating things like knocking the iron off the board (hello, water all over the place!). It was not ideal. So I quit. And watched TV. Because it was late and I'm motivated cool like that. And don't forget the part where I spent most of TV time complaining to Adam about how much I hate everything ever. Not that I get all overly dramatic when experiencing minor setbacks or anything. Nope, not at all. Cool as a cucumber, that's me.

But hey, maybe I'll be the first person ever who posts nothing but complaints and the KCWC logo thingies every single day for a week. Look forward to KCWC Day 3: WTF and KCWC Day 4: Hooray! Just kidding, I still didn't sew anything! coming soon.

Okay, okay. Enough.

New plan of attack: Set pajamas aside and pretend they don't exist. Take deep breath. Spend tonight working on the flannel shirt, because wovens are so much easier for me and I love plaid flannel to death. Come back tomorrow with new and improved positive attitude.

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Meryl said...

I hate when I get to that point in sewing. Where you're just all frustrated and achy and ready to be DONE already. I think setting it all aside for another day is not only good for your sanity, but it's ultimately more productive!