Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC Days 3 and 4: Take that!

Still nothing finished to show for it (I told you I was slow!), but things are going well! I've been able to devote just about an hour each evening, and I am definitely making progress on Adelaide's flannel shirt. I think I will be able to finish it up tonight. Well, if I can figure out exactly how I want to deal with the sleeves. Hooray!

I think the key for me--because I am a bit of a slow worker and because it is a real struggle these days to find an hour to sew each night after work and still feel like I have time for anything else in my life (like, you know, interacting with my kid and husband and eating and sleeping)--is to look at KCWC as more of a jumping-off point. I'm not going to finish a lot this week, I'm just not. But I can get started on some things and gain some momentum. And if I can keep just a fraction of that momentum going, by sewing maybe two or three nights each week, I'll be doing better than before: getting more done and feeling like I'm taking better care of my creative, crafty side.


So here we go.

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