Friday, November 2, 2012

I am a Bunny

I adore Halloween. Because candy and costumes rock my world.*

I am a Bunny

Knowing that this may be my last chance to costume Adelaide without her input, I chose one of my favorite children's book characters ever: Nicholas from Richard Scarry's I Am a Bunny. (Adam got to pick the costume last year, just so you know. We're being all fair and equal here.)

I am a Bunny

Besides pure adorability, this costume choice had another major plus: the overalls and shirt can be used as regular clothes** for the rest of the winter, and the sewing was minimal yet satisfying. Just like last year, I based the kid's headgear on the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap, this time with a few major adjustments (ears, obviously, and a velcro neck closure). Also just like last year: procrastination. I did most of the work on this bunny-eared hat the day of. I should have gone up another size with the hat, but it still worked. And the tail is just a couple of scraps sewn together, stuffed with some fiber fill, and safety pinned to the overalls.

I am a Bunny

None of our neighbors knew who she was. Maybe I am a Bunny isn't as widely read as I assumed?

I am a Bunny

But that's okay, because she sure charmed the heck out of her parents!

I am a Bunny

I am a Bunny

*Decorating the house and yard with spiderwebs, tombstones and pumpkin-shaped strings of light, not so much with the rocking my world. That's just not my jam. When Adelaide gets older maybe I can delegate it to her so we look less slackerish on this front?

**I tried going the thrift store route for these, but I had no luck at all, so I ended up on ThredUp. It's pretty cool. You can buy gently used kids clothes AND send in your gently used kids clothes to earn some cash (via Pay Pal) or site credit. My buying experience was good. I haven't sent in my own used stuff yet because I'm taking my time and REALLY filling that bag up, but I'll let you know how that goes. Full disclosure: The link is my referral link, and I can get credits when you use it.


Meryl said...

Oh my goodness! Those ears! So stinkin' cute!

Shannon said...

Adorable costume! I love "I Am A Bunny"-- it is the first book I got for Alexis. Everyone else is just missing out. :)

C.E.R. said...

Richard Scarry rocks. My hubby brought all those books into our marriage. ;)

That tail kills me. So cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks, all! I'm so glad to see some Richard Scarry/I am a Bunny, love out there!

annette said...

Perfectly bunny-ish and just exactly like the character! I love it. The cover illustration of the book happens to be one of my favorite paintings by Mr. Scarry. Also loving the inspired candy bag Adelaide is carrying.

EQY said...

My 22-month-old son was also Nicholas for Halloween this year! It is definitely the book he loves most. We also used "regular clothes" and made a hat and tail. No one in our neighborhood recognized him, either, but everyone thought he was cute.

Sarah said...

Annette - Thank you! That candy bag is actually a bag my grandma made for me when I was a tot. I discovered it in the depths of my closet a few months ago and decided to pass it on to the wee one!

EQY - Love hearing that there was another Nicholas out there this year! It is such a great book, isn't it? I bet yours was a cutie!