Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stationery set

My little (yes, I can still say that even though he's a towering giant now) brother is graduating from university this weekend. And then he is heading into the wilderness way out in the western states, where there will be no phones.

Therefore, I am expecting letters. Sure, he'll have email, but that just isn't as cool. I mean, no form of communication is as completely awesome as real mail, you know?

So I got it into my head to make him some personalized stationery. By carving a stamp. Which I have never even tried before. And I decided to start this project with only two fairly busy after-work evenings of time to work on it. Yeah, that seems pretty well thought out.

carved stamp

The carving went fairly smoothly, thank goodness. I didn't zing off any important chunks, I didn't injure myself, and I knocked it out on night number one. Sure, there are zero straight lines where there should properly have been many, but, hey, that's the beauty of a hand-carved stamp, right?

printing stationery

Amazingly enough, the printing went smoothly, too. Whew! Just roll out the ink, roll it onto the stamp, press the stamp to the paper, and carefully peel it off. Easy peasy.

finished stationery

And I'm pretty darn happy with the finished product, so yay! Unfortunately, I don't have a photo yet of the whole set (with semi-matching envelopes) all put together in its storage folder because the ink was still tacky at bedtime last night and there was no time for that before work this morning. But I'll snap a shot of the complete set before I give it away.

By the way, my reference guide for this project was Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand. Lovely and informative book out of which I hope to get more use soon.

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