Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of birthday cards and other stuff

We spent Memorial Day weekend on our first roadtrip in the new car. We went down to Springfield to see my sister and visit some Lincoln sites. Then we spent some time with the in-laws and celebrated our niece's birthday. I made a card, because that is how I roll. Super easy and, I think, pretty darn cute. Just machine-stitch some ribbon to that thing and call it a day. Excellent.

birthday card

Also, on my Friday off, I spent a bit of time watching Julie and Julia (with the Netflix "watch instantly" that). Honestly, I was not that into the Julie parts. They weren't bad or anything, they just didn't catch my fancy. But I loved the Julia parts! Loved! And how great were the Valentine's Day postcards Julia and her husband sent out? So freakin' great. (See one here. Just click the small picture to enlarge it.)

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annette said...

Such a sporting and naughty card, very funny. I loved the parts with Julia too, she is such a lovable person. I have seen her speak in real life - she was tall, funny, and so insightful.