Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We went strawberry picking.

She settled in pretty quickly, pulling the tiniest berries, ripe or not. And stuffing at least a couple in her mouth, green parts and all, while mama and dada weren't looking. She'd been anti-strawberry at home previously, but being out in the field made them new and interesting.


At home, she splashed around on the patio while I washed and hulled in a homemade dress and apron in the sunshine. Every now and then she'd come over to sit in my lap for a snuggle, but after a minute or two she'd want back down for more water play. It was the best morning ever.


She "helped" me make strawberry pie, playing with the measuring cups and a few strawberries set aside just for her. She hadn't wanted to eat any of the strawberries in the days since she ate them in the field, but stirring and squishing them around was good fun. I glanced over to see if the oven was hot yet and when I turned my head back to her, she had stuffed those berries into her mouth. She gobbled up some more as fast as I'd let her have them. Her sticky smile was amazing.


A good reminder that she'll do things her own way and in her own time, and that plenty of time playing and exploring and making a mess is the best way to help her get where she's going.


annette said...

I am giggling over here at Adelaide's expression! Tiny strawberries are the tastiest.

Meryl said...

I'm so jealous! Our strawberry season came and went so quickly this year. Looks like the little one had a blast playing and eating!